Finding a Free Dental Clinic

On 28 April 2012

Dental services have become very expensive and because of this some people fail to visit a dentist on a regular basis. Because of the high priced associated with dental services we tend to disregard the health of our teeth and gums. Finding dental clinics that provide free services can help us solve our problem with the health of our teeth is not always easy. There are a lot of opportunities that a dental clinic can offer. Your main job is to search for services that fit your budget.

Often community health departments offer low cost or free medical and dental services. This is to make available of the health that the community needs. Phone the health department office on your community or pay a visit to inquire if they offer free medical and dental services. If your local health department does not offer these services, call neighboring health community departments in your area. While they may not be able to schedule you if you do not live in their service area, they might have suggestions on where to go for dental services.

A dental clinic sometimes offers promotional services so it would be a good idea to obtain a list of telephone directories of the nearby dental clinics in your area. Ask if they have promos or ask when they will have a schedule of their promotional services. This can also help you to have a free dental check up. There are oral health supports all over the web so checking the internet is also a good idea. Check for their requirements on how to take advantage of their promos, if you are qualified you may have your dental check up for free.

Colleges of dentistry can offer inexpensive dental check ups. While these are not a free dental clinic, students of these colleges render their service for free as part of their educational process. It is a win-win proposition because the students get the practice they need while the dental patient gets a break on costs. It is estimated that you will save about one third to one half by being treated by dental students. The costs involved in dental school services are associated with the professional dentist that assists the students and the costs associated with running the program.

Religious or social organizations often have a medical and dental service as well. They do this as a part of their mission as an organization. Inquire for their schedules; they may come to your area to render their service. Surely they will have a professional dentist with them that can check your teeth or may provide you dental treatments.

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By Julie Carlson

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