Treatment Fees

Treatment Fees

Dental Costs and Price Lists at Dente Smile Clinic in Phuket of Thailand

Details / Material usedTHAI BAHT
Details / Material usedTHAI BAHT
Preventive Care
Oral examination and ConsultationFree
Oral Examination and Consultation with OPG X-Ray800
Full Mouth Cleaning and Polishing800-1,500
Cleaning with Air-Flow System800-1,000
Operative Dentistry
Filling with Silver Amalgam600-3,200
Filling with Composite Resin800-3,200
Cosmetic Dentistry
Zoom Whitening12,000
Cool Light Whitening8,000
Laser Tooth Whitening8,000
Home Bleaching Set (Tray upper+lower+2Tubes)4,000
Home Bleaching Tube (4ml)1,000
Dental Veneers
Composite Veneer6,000
Ceramic Porcelain Veneer8,000
Ceramic Porcelain by Empress esthetic system10,000
Crown / Bridges / Cap
Ceramic Non Precious Crown10,000
Ceramic Palladium base Crown13,000
Ceramic Semi Precious Crown14,000
Ceramic Zirconia Crown15,000
Dental Post and Core ( Metal Pin)4,000
Dental post and core o( Resin Core Build up)6,000
Acrylic Full Denture (1Jaw)12,000
Acrylic Full Denture (2Jaw)25,000
Metal Frame Partial Denture8,000-10,000
Implant Dentistry
Implant Placement (per fixture) asia band60,000-80,000
Bone Graftingby report
Endodontics Dentistry(Root Canal Treatment)
Anterior tooth posterior teeth7,000-12,000
Periodontics (Gum Treatment)
Gum treatment / Root planning by gums specialist (per quadrant)by report
Crown Lengtheningby report
Oral Surgery
Simple Tooth Extraction500-1,000
Surgical Tooth Extraction2,000-2,500
Impaction Extraction3,000-12,000
Pediatric Dentistry
Filling with Composite Resin or Amalgam (Per Surface)500-800
Tooth Extraction500-800
Sealant (per tooth)400-600
Fluoride Application400
Prophylaxis and Fluoride Application500
Full Mouth Cleaning and Polishing500-800
X-Ray (Digital X-Ray)
2D Intraoral X-Rays150
2D Extraoral X-Rays (OPG Digital)800

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