Gum Problems and Dental Crowns

On 11 November 2011

Gum Problems and Dental Crowns

Sometimes, dental crowns are extremely evident as they lend an unnatural look. You can easily make out that the tooth is completely fake, as there is a dark rim on the gum. Actually, the dark line of the gum tissue only forms when there are teeth that have been covered by a crown.

The dark line is an indication that the individual is fixed with a porcelain dental crown that has metal inside. In the past, dental crowns were infused with metal on the inside and had tooth-colored porcelain on the outside. The dark line is seen on the base of the edge where the porcelain and metal meet, just at the gum line.

These were the traditional styled porcelain crowns, known as ‘fused-to-metal’ crowns and at the edge, a line of metal appeared. Though the dentist used cosmetic means to hide the metal line, with use, the gums receded and the metal line used to become visible again.

As there was no cure for the visibility of the black line; the cosmetic dentists used to mask it temporarily, but now the only thing that is done is replace the old crown with a new all-ceramic crown. However, it will take more than just one session, if you are looking to replace the old crown on any of the front teeth. The dentist usually schedules two or more session to make sure that the specific position of the dental crown is good to go, before it is cemented in place. As the central incisors are prominent, it is aesthetically difficult to match them with the other natural teeth. Thus, only the best dentists are able to cap the crowns on the central incisors, one next to the other.

The days of metal-infused porcelain crowns are over and with changing technology and advancements, dental technicians have been able to mimic natural color and shape of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has made advances and it is easy to craft veneers and crowns with all new tooth-colored ceramic. The main advantage of using all-ceramic dental crowns is that these are an excellent fit, no dark lines show up, even when the gum recedes as it does not have any metal. However as there is no metal framework, they are not as sturdy or durable as the porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Additionally, all ceramic crowns cannot be used in all areas of the mouth.

In most cases, all-ceramic dental crowns need to be replaced after a specific period of time for both functional and aesthetic reasons. There has been a growing trend of re-treatment of the crowns, as people want to have a beautiful manicured smile and a set of 32 pearly white intact, even in advancing age. There are specific, after-care instructions after the procedure of installing the dental crown is completed. Initially you are not supposed to eat anything that is too hard to bite as it can cause long-term damage.

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