Dental Teeth Whitening – Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment Overview

On 9 November 2011

Dental Teeth Whitening – Dental Teeth Whitening Treatment Overview

Dental teeth whitening, or at least the procedure of teeth whitening, has exploded in popularity over the last decade and a half, ever since the emergence of ultra white toothed celebrities and actors on the Hollywood circuit. At that time, dentists were forced, due to the pressure being put on them by their rich clients, to keep dental whitening procedures high, so as to keep the ”riff-raff” out.

Nowadays the process of whitening ones teeth is usually carried out from home with the inexpensive and easy to use swab technique. However for those that can afford it, or haven’t heard of the success of the home whitening kits, dental whitening is the way to go.

If you are wanting to avail of dental teeth whitening, you basically have two options open to you.

There is composite resin bonding and veneer sheet bonding.

Composite resin bonding involves reducing the desired teeth before applying foreign tooth particles to it.

The new particles are attached by a series of microscopic grooves that are created by a very mild acid. Though this is carried out in controlled conditions, it is possible that the enamel will be penetrated too much and that tooth sensitivity may result.

Once the new tooth particles are attached, the compound tooth is polished and smoothed off. This will usually cost in the region of $900. Every two years then a check up will be required, costing around $300, to condition anew the tooth, as tooth decay will result otherwise. This is due to the original tooth being isolated by the new tooth particles from toothpaste application.

Veneer bonding then revolves around the application of porcelain sheets to the tooth. These are very strong and last up to four years. However a check up will also be required to keep immaculate teeth staying healthy.

It is advised that if money is no object then veneer bonding should be chosen as it offers the best shade of white.

If you’d like however, to get the whitest teeth in the world within a week through inexpensive means there are many companies that offer trial offers, which come highly recommended by impartial dental experts.

These products are soaring during these recession times, and offer healthy protection of enamel whilst also creating divine shades of white.

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By Sally Schofield

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