Dental Bleach Teeth Whitening Tray – What You Need To Know!

On 9 November 2011

Dental Bleach Teeth Whitening Tray – What You Need To Know!

Is a dental bleach gel tray the same thing as dental bleach teeth whitening? Yes, and no at the same time. The truth is, one of these is misnamed, and is intended as the replacement for the other.

Dental bleach teeth whitening is actually the old, and still most common way to whiten stained teeth. As teeth age with a person, food stains, sheer age, and other things like coffee and smoking cause deep stains to form in a tooth’s outer material. This material is called enamel.

Fact: Dental bleach actually strips layers of this enamel away to remove stains, and then bleaches in deep to the new fresh enamel to get deeper stains.

While this did get rid of stains, it hurts and is bad for your teeth, on so many levels.

Along the way, other ways to whiten teeth have been tested. Strips that stick to teeth and absorb stains were a radical new idea, but ultimately, like the toothpaste, only managed to remove surface stains temporarily. Since the only deep clean available was bad dentist bleach, it was costly, and home kits to do it were even more costly. This is where the new technology plays its role.

A dental bleach gel tray is in fact not dental bleach but a peroxide gel compound. Unlike bleach, it actually just absorbs into the tooth, dissolving the stain where it’s stuck in, like wringing a sponge. This does a lot less damage to teeth, and has been approved by the FDA as a safe thing to use at home without a professional present.

Since these kits are less painful and far cheaper, they’re quickly becoming the more common way to whiten teeth. Friends of this research claim it takes as little as a month to whiten teeth back to natural with these new compounds. When asked, one dentist said they’d rather not have to do bleach work anyway, because it’s torture to a patient.

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