Corporate Dental Clinics and Its Benefits

On 28 April 2012

Choosing a corporate dental clinic can have many benefits like advanced machinery and the medical technology, highly appreciated brand name and the service quality; let’s have a look at the corporate dental clinics setup and services.

There is a lot of buzz about corporate entering into the health care sector especially into dentistry. The common misconception about corporate setup is that, they are run by big traditional business houses. It may be true in current situations as few business houses have realized the potential of organized dental market and directly entered the scene, but there is a lot of scope of smaller groups to participate as well. The term corporate derives itself from corporate governance, which is a set of processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions affecting the way a company (corporate) is directed or controlled. It also includes relationships among many stake holders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed. Principal stake holders are the board of directors, employees, customers (patients), creditors, suppliers and community at large.

The most important objective of corporate governance is to ensure the accountability of all individuals in an organization through mechanisms that try to reduce or eliminate the glitches and maximize the output keeping the welfare of all the stake holders in view. Recently there has been a gradual shift from standalone clinics to corporate setups.

Setting up a highly standardized dental clinic is an expensive practice and that’s why most of such setups have evolved in smaller partnerships with corporate governance as central theme. Why it is that such a trend has evolved in presence of traditional standalone clinics? The answer lies in the fact, that the most important stake holder, i.e. the patient in this case expects high value delivery in all the aspects of health care.

Top benefits for patients that can be gained from corporate dental clinics

The corporate has a capacity to bring with itself a high and sustained investment in latest machinery and latest technology in medical field, which is of chief concern to the present day patient.
The advancement in plant and machinery, smaller but critical aspects of dentistry, like vehicle parking space, appointment based practice, reduced waiting time add to the comfort of the increasingly demanding individual.

Customization of dental appointments along with travel plans in advance is also popular amongst overseas tourist and is in great demand. Health care coverage is also a significant perk in most the companies for its employees. By virtue of similar operational ideology, such companies prefer to choose and engage corporate setups to outsource such facilities for their employees. Human resource issues and availability of skilled manpower in India is also an important factor for graduates and specialist to choose working in corporate setups as career options. Setting up of dental clinic is an expensive proposition for most. Furthermore establishing patronage depends on many critical factors like good location and presence of good skills set.

Benefits of fixed income, defined working hours, paid leaves, team support, skill up gradation and no cost bearing for rent and equipments makes such a choice exceptionally viable.

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By Rajesh Kumar Tewatia

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