Exposing The Common Misconceptions About Dental Teeth Whitening

On 9 November 2011

Exposing The Common Misconceptions About Dental Teeth Whitening

We all know how powerful a great smile is, especially if it’s genuinely given and received. One simple smile can change a whole person’s life. But if we don’t take care of our teeth, then we may not even be comfortable to smile.

It may sound too focused on appearance, but in our society today, appearance plays a major role in many aspects of our life. In addition having clean and white looking teeth says so much about our personal hygiene. Luckily, modern dental advancements and innovations have given us a way to get whiter and cleaner teeth.

There are several myths and fallacies that some people believe to be fact with dental teeth whitening and this is holding them back from experiencing a dental procedure which can have great positive effects. They fear misconceptions such as how such treatment destroys the enamel and how it may not be safe. This was actually true back when people went to the barbers to have their teeth whitened. There was a time when barbers provided teeth whitening services and would do this by filing the surface of the teeth after which they would dissolve stains by using a corrosive nitric acid formula.

Today though, tooth whitening bleaches are tested and proven to be safe especially those that use Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide as their main active ingredient. It is a complex chemical process these days in which the procedure creates a reaction turning the active agent into water and oxygen. This then finely combs through the multitude of pores and fissures of the rough tooth surface dislodging the hard and strongly attached particles which are the cause of the stains. This process is called oxidation and unlike the common household cleaning bleach, is safe for the human body even when ingested.

Another common misconception about dental whitening is that the treatment is very expensive and can only be done by costly professionals in their offices. Again this is very far from the truth. While there may have been a time when the whitening process can be deemed costly and reserved for the rich and famous, this is not true today.

Many dental offices offer low-cost dental whitening packages that combine several treatments and products that effectively clean and whiten teeth. While costs may vary depending on the condition of the teeth, many dental clinics offer low-cost options available to all. Indeed, many teeth whitening kiosks can be found in shopping centres, such as the Westfield centres in the UK, where you can even get your teeth whitened during your lunch hour!

Furthermore, effective home dental teeth whitening kits and products are also available for those that want to have whiter teeth in the comfort and privacy of their own home. You don’t need to have a professional to administer the treatment. However, to get the best and most effective home teeth whitening kits, getting the advice of a professional who can help determine the cause and extent of the discoloration and assess which product will provide the fastest and best output is certainly recommended.

Smile Science leaders in tooth whitening have treatment centres in many major UK cities. They also supply a range of DIY teeth whitening kits to countries all round the world. Smile Science, Westgate House Business Centre, Westgate Road, Ealing, W5 1YY, 0844 875 4142 http://www.smile-science.co.uk

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By Roger Bourdon

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