Dental Implants Are Growing More Popular

On 16 November 2011

Dental Implants Are Growing More Popular

Many people in the US suffer the frustration and embarrassment of tooth loss due to gingivitis and tooth decay. The recommended practice of good oral hygiene is critical to avoiding tooth loss but when it is too late to reverse the decay there is a better alternative to replacing missing teeth with bridges and dentures. Patients now have the option of having dental implants placed into their jawbone.

The bone has the implant fused to it so that it becomes a permanent artificial tooth which feels and looks like a real tooth. Firmly implanted it will not need to be anchored to adjacent teeth like a bridge would need to be. The color of the tooth will be matched by the dentist to the real tooth so it will appear natural.

While dentures tend to slip permanent implants will not move. The patient will no longer need to use denture adhesives and chewing food will feel natural again. The patient will feel a new self confidence that they did not have while wearing dentures. The wearer is always conscious of their dentures but they can easily forget about the implants.

Patients often experienced slurred speech with dentures but with implants they enjoy regular speech. Wearing dentures has been compared to having one’s mouth filled with two rocks. As the dentures age whistling sounds can also be heard to escape from these traditional false teeth.

As the denture wearer starts to experience sore spots and difficulty chewing they will be reminded that their false teeth have an average life span of five years. Since the tissues of the inside of the mouth are constantly changing the dentures will have to be replacesd. The modern implants last a lifetime when they are properly cared for.

A prerequisite for implants is healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant. The successful candidates must have already practiced good oral hygiene which includes brushing and flossing regularly. If they are afflicted with diabetes or experiencing chemotherapy they will need to discuss their eligibility with their dentist.

Each patient will have an individualized dental plan created for them by the doctor. Their specific needs will be outlined and established by the specialists assigned to creating their schedule. These experts are licensed to practice oral surgery and to assemble implants for eligible patients.

The dentist will implant a titanium post into the socket in the jawbone where the real tooth was located. Once the bone heals around the post a crown is placed over the post. The healing process will take anywhere from six to twelve weeks and the patient may experience some pain that can be easily blocked by light painkillers.

A new post will be attached to an abutment that has been attached earlier on to the post. The dentist will have made imprints of their patient’s teeth and produced a mold detailing the arrangement of all their teeth. The new tooth or teeth will be duplicated from this impression. The new crown will be attached to each abutment. Minor pain may be associated with this procedure but painkillers can be prescribed to make the healing period pain free.

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