Dental Implants Procedure Making Difference In Many Lives

On 16 November 2011

Dental Implants Procedure Making Difference In Many Lives

A person’s pearly whites are not just for show and a mouth without any teeth long ago spelled almost certain death for people in those archaic cultures. Body remains from ancient civilizations clearly show early attempts at dental implants to replace lost teeth. With the advances made over the last decade in this field of dentistry modern mankind now has recourse to a revolutionary dental implants procedure that is fast overtaking other methods to replace lost teeth.

Oral hygiene at anytime in a person’s life is important and more so when having artificial implants that may with proper care serve a person for their entire natural life. An overall approach to a thorough home dental routine is vital and the hygienist will always work closely with the dental surgeon to ensure that in between visits to the surgery the patient is capable of caring for their teeth properly.

This tooth saving method of dentistry is exceptional as it does not require to be attached to any other existing teeth and stands alone firmly affixed on the mouth. Titanium with its unique bonding capabilities has made it the favored metal from which to construct tooth roots and other body joints.

Ceramic substances used today can be tinted to match individual teeth and are extremely natural in look and feel thereby improving false teeth beyond recognition. Before embarking with the procedure surgeons with take an imprint of a person’s mouth for dental technicians to use when making the crown.

Zirconium is being attached to the posts that hold the crown to give them a clearness and natural look. Highly advanced computer software assists the surgeon to plot a path along which roots will be inserted into the jaw bone to ensure that they cause as little as possible disruption to nerves and sinus passages around the area.

The artificial tooth root resembles natural roots and is put into the jaw bone through a small drilled hole. Patients who have minimal bone height and will therefore be unable to hold the roots a bone graft will be done before implant work commences.

The root is left to unite together with the living bone and once that has been achieved its post is screwed into place and the crown attached. A person will find that they are able to eat, chew and talk with confidence without experiencing any problems associated with old fashioned dentures.

With a high success rate of ninety-five percent in people who have general good oral well being it has become a popular replacement procedure. One finds that people suffering from diabetes and heavy smokers may tend to be considered risky candidates for implants.

This has become a new and innovative route to follow when having either one or a complete set of teeth replaced and implanted posts are now also being used to hold bridges in the mouth.

Missing teeth can mar one’s appearance as well as age the face and to correct this a visit to a dentist specializing in dental implants procedure may just be the way to go.

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