What Determines Technique Used by Cosmetic Dentists in Teeth Whitening?

On 11 November 2011

What Determines Technique Used by Cosmetic Dentists in Teeth Whitening?

The color of the teeth varies from one person to another. The good news, however, is that the help of a cosmetic dentist can help in resolving the problem. This is done through a number of ways which could include the use of white fillings. The main goal is to get rid of the straining problem so as to give a brighter smile. Nonetheless, before thinking of getting procedure from cosmetic dentists, it is always a great idea to learn of the main causes of teeth discoloration.

Causes of discoloration

There are many reasons why people have varying whiteness in teeth. Some reasons are artificial while others are genetic. A person’s lifestyle can also have an effect on teeth color. Among the main causes of discoloration include the taking of coffee, tea, red wine and smoking of cigarettes. This leads to the yellowing of the teeth. It is important to understand that certain medications can lead to the discoloration problem.

Other causes include the damage of blood vessels and nerves in the teeth. This leads to a darker tint. Tooth decay, tartar build up and age can contribute to the problem. Nothing daunting, a cosmetic dentist can help in resolving this problem. There are many factors that determine the technique used by the cosmetic dentists in teeth whitening.

Factors Determining Technique

There are many ways of killing rat. The same applies when it comes to teeth whitening. The cosmetic dentist is availed with a number of options that he can use to resolve the problem. However, the choices that he makes are determined by a number of things.

The main aspect determining the technique used in teeth whitening is the extent of discoloration. Some people have severe problems than others. Not every procedure can be used to resolve every problem in discoloration. All that a person needs to do is have the cosmetic dentist assess the problem and listen to his recommendations. It is important to understand that the technique chosen has an effect on the overall cost of procedure.

Another thing that affects the technique chosen is the location of the stained teeth. It is much easier to whiten the front teeth than it is to handle the molars and premolars. Bearing this in mind, the cost of whitening front teeth is different from that of whitening the back teeth.

The amount of time and peroxide used in the whitening gel has also an impact on the technique of choice. In many cases, when the condition is severe, the amount of time spent in teeth whitening is long. This in turn translates to high prices. Getting an assessment prior to hiring a cosmetic dentist could help in preparations.

Cost Saving Tip

Teeth whitening can transform a person’s life. This is what makes it an inevitable procedure. However, if running on a tight budget, it is highly advised to compare the cost of services from different cosmetic dentists. This is the best method that a person can use to get affordable deals in London cosmetics. Nonetheless, never compromise professionalism in any way.

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